What are lavalier microphones

Lavalier microphones are very compact and are attached to a person’s clothing to pick up what they say. This device is also known as a lapel microphone and is primarily used to pick up a person’s voice. Lavalier microphones are especially used by journalists, news anchors, politicians and show business personalities.

These voice microphones can be wireless or wired. Nowadays, wireless models are preferred, but it should be noted that the connectors that connect the voice microphones to the transmitter can vary greatly. Let’s take a look at some of the particularities of lavalier microphones, as explained by Microfusa, the physical and also online shop for musical instruments and music production in general.

When to use lavalier microphones

The usefulness of using a lavalier microphone is revealed when it is necessary to have your hands free during a presentation or speech and when the sound must be clear. Lavaliers have the advantage of offering more mobility and freedom than other microphones, such as shotgun microphones.

There are several patterns that influence the sound pick-up of lavaliers. Omnidirectional models pick up sound 360°, and are the most popular because of their higher sound quality. They also mean that when the person wearing the microphone turns his or her head when speaking, there is no difference in volume: the sound is perceived equally. Another advantage is that they are smaller than unidirectional microphones and therefore more comfortable to wear. Omnidirectional lavaliers are widely used on television and at live events, such as workshops, seminars or conferences. Being smaller and more comfortable, they can be used on many occasions and are more versatile than the reso.

How to wear lavaliers

When you need to have your hands free during a presentation or speech and it is important that the sound is clear, a lavalier is the perfect microphone.

They are usually placed a few centimetres away from the mouth, which contributes to a higher, more intense audio quality. They can also be used in conjunction with shotgun microphones, depending on the occasion. To reduce vibration noise, a lavalier or lavalier microphone with two clips can be used, which will create a loop with the cable.

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